Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dorothy L. Sayers: Still the Best, After All These Years

I'm re-reading Clouds of Witness, which is a lovely mystery in terms of character study and (British) legal novelty.

I had thought of starting all over again, and re-reading the Sayers books chronologically, but I could not find a paper-copy of Whose Body?, and can't quite rationalize re-buying an e-edition of the book. Though my backlit Kindle is starting to spoil me: it's annoying to have to make sure that the lamplight is at the correct angle for reading a book on a paper page.

Oddly enough, I've been told that Nooks are more advanced in this regard, since a number of Nook models allow one to swap between flat e-ink and backlit, for reading in bed (or with a lower-level lamp or whatever). Perhaps I'll test that out by swapping e-readers with my mom for a week next year: her Christmas gift will absolutely be a mid-level Nook. (Nooks are better than Kindles for the technologically challenged, I think: they can be taken into a Barnes & Noble store for on-site tech support. At least, I know there are nice people at my local B&N who will do that for my elderly mom.)

And . . . on to learn all I've forgotten about the evolution of Lady Mary Wimsey.

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